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Leveraging insights from a vast array of successful B2B campaigns, Aim n Launch delivers tailored, impactful messages directly to your ideal LinkedIn clients. Prepare for an influx of positive responses landing directly in your inbox.

Top LinkedIn Lead Generation Agnecy

151.4 K

Client leads generated

$37.6 M

Client revenue generated

$229 M

Client pipeline generated

Businesses Trust Us


Tara Desai

Incredible lead quality! Boosted my connections in days.

Rajesh Kumar

Their service is a game-changer. My inbox is now filled with genuine leads.

Lina Fernandez

Saw an instant uptick in meaningful connections. Highly recommend!

Arvind Patel

The best decision I made for my LinkedIn strategy. Leads are pouring in.

Sophia Lee

Efficient and genuine lead gen. Kudos to the team!

Omar Al-Farouq

Transformed my LinkedIn outreach. Premium leads, every time.

How We Generate Leads for Our Clients

Our methodology harnesses the insights gained from thousands of victorious LinkedIn campaigns across all sectors. We pinpoint and engage your most suitable decision-makers, ushering them directly into your sales funnel.

1. Identify Prospects

We craft well-defined lists of your perfect prospects on LinkedIn.

2. Draft Personalised Messages

We pen clear and custom outreach messages that prompt real responses.

3. Conduct Outreach

We deliver bespoke messages to thousands of your ideal prospects each month.

4. Seal the Deals

You get immediate notifications when leads respond, equipping you to clinch the deal.

10X your meetings from cold LinkedIn
outreach without having to lift a finger

The power of a dedicated cold LinkedIn expert at an affordable cost. Our job is createand implement a cold LinkedIn outreach system that generates you more sales fromhard to reach prospects.

LinkedIn list building

LinkedIn A/B testing

Hyper personalized

Validated LinkedIn Profile

Get the top 1% of LinkedIn lead generation experts that can actually drive results

Creating an effective cold LinkedIn outreach strategy takes continuous optimization. Let our cold LinkedIn experts help so you can close more deals.

Attract hundreds of hot leads using cold LinkedIn

Once your campaign has started, you can then expect dozens or even hundreds of hot leads per month, all generated on auto-pilot.

Learn how to be an expert at cold LinkedIn outreach

We're more than just a cold LinkedIn lead generation tool. We'll teach you all our best practices when it comes to closing deals using LinkedIn .

U.S. based & dedicated cold LinkedIn experts

We are committed to your success and will support you through weekly reporting, monthly strategy calls and ongoing campaign improvements.

Transforming Cold LinkedIn Outreach into a

LinkedIn Lead-Generating


Flip the switch on cold LinkedIn outreach. With our intuitive features and comprehensive services, you can generate and close deals at lightning speed on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Profile Targeting & Network Building

We'll assist you in pinpointing your target audience on LinkedIn, breaking it down into specific personas, and tailoring messages for each persona. Concurrently, our team will kickstart the construction of your LinkedIn network based on your unique needs.

A/B Testing & Experimentation on LinkedIn

Once your audience and message are locked down, we commence experimentation. This involves launching mini-campaigns and qualitatively reviewing the results. The objective? Harness data to determine which messages connect best with each audience and persona.

Scalable LinkedIn Hyper-personalization

We know that a one-size-fits-all approach falls flat. To prevent your LinkedIn messages from being perceived as spam, we produce hundreds of hyper-personalized ice-breakers. This makes your messages strikingly unique and persuasive.

LinkedIn Drip Campaign Optimization

Our optimization efforts focus on one key metric: prospects interested in engaging with you. We continually evaluate the performance of each campaign, aiming to discern why particular results were obtained and glean valuable insights.

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