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Want more leads without draining your wallet? We make it happen with smart PPC.

After working with 150+ businesses, we’ve crafted pay per click ads for brands big and small, guided by what their audience truly needs.

With a robust suite of tools, we make sure your ads reach the right people, at the right moment, in the right location. That’s PPC done smarter.

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Our PPC Startegy

Our  strategy is focused on maximizing your ROI. We set up and manage your PPC campaigns, using a simple Discover-Consider-Buy-Repeat model. We optimize ad channels based on specific tasks tied to different stages of the sales funnel. That means more value for your ad spend.

Search advertising

Want your products or services to show up when users search online? That’s what pay-per-click ads in search engines do – and they lead to more conversions by reaching the people who are most interested in what you offer.

Shopping ads

Ads that come with all the important info – a picture of the product, its price, and your name. We set these up for you on Google Shopping, a powerful tool especially for online stores.

Banner advertising

Online ads embedded on web pages, reaching out to different customer groups – whether based on age, interests, or behaviors. A superb way to get your brand known.

Video advertising

Uploading videos on YouTube and other platforms not only engages users but builds a positive image of your business. It’s another fantastic method to boost brand awareness, with a variety of formats and flexible targeting.

Remarketing and retargeting

Ever wanted to remind people who’ve visited your website or engaged with your content to come back? That’s what remarketing and retargeting do, bringing visitors back and encouraging them to buy again.

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Why Choose Aim n Launch?


Why do clients choose us? Our portfolio and case studies bring them in. Our business strategies convince them. But it’s our dedication to delivering exceptional results and profitable customer acquisition that keeps them. With an average client-agency relationship spanning 23 months, our focus is on generating revenue that outperforms promotional costs. Do take a look at our case studies.


We’ve assembled a team of marketing pros at Aim n Launch, all poised to elevate your business. Over the past 4 years, we’ve navigated various international markets, successfully working with 150+ clients.


In the digital world, process automation is the key to success. It ensures we deliver quality and efficiency in our services while maintaining clarity and transparency. From monthly planning and SCRUM to checklists, automated workflows, and multilevel quality control systems, everything we do aims to secure your success.


We believe in clear goals, regular communication, and automated reporting. That’s why we’ve created the Aim n launch Client Dashboard. Here, you can track project KPIs, assess the effectiveness of ad campaigns, monitor task progress, and reach out to your account managers whenever you need. We’re all about keeping things transparent and accessible.

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