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Our Proven System

We believe in building strong, lasting partnerships with our clients. That’s why we start with a paid trial engagement to ensure we’re the right fit for each other before diving into a long-term commitment.

Step 1

Crafting Your Winning Strategy

We combine your industry expertise with our proven lead generation and e-commerce marketing strategies to develop a powerful message and game plan tailored to your unique business.

Step 2

Executing the Plan as Your Dedicated Growth Partner

Once we’ve laid the groundwork together, we’ll put the plan into action with a long-term engagement focused on generating qualified leads and driving e-commerce sales to grow your revenue.


Whether you need help filling your pipeline with eager prospects or maximizing online sales, we’ve got the skills and experience to take your business to new heights. Let’s join forces and make it happen.

Case Studies

Home Renovation Leads Through Google Ads

A local home renovation company wanted more customer leads but faced tough competition. We ran Google Ads targeting homeowners searching for remodelling services in their area.

The Campaign:

Ads highlighting the company’s services and experience

Landing pages letting people request quotes easily

Targeting specific neighbourhoods the company served

The Numbers:

58K ad clicks from interested homeowners (Dec 2023 – Feb 2024)

477 leads captured who requested quotes

Average cost of ₹633 to get each new lead

Total spent = ₹302K over those 3 months

The ads worked really well, especially around times when more people look for renovation services. The company got a steady flow of high-quality leads from motivated homeowners looking to renovate. A nice boost to their business from a smart Google Ads approach.

Boosting Fashion Sales with Facebook Ads: A TOF Case Study

A fashion e-commerce brand, TOF, aimed to increase sales and reach a wider audience through Facebook advertising campaigns targeting various product categories and customer segments.

The Campaign:

  • Multiple ad sets focusing on different product lines (All Products, Women Apparel, Women’s Clothing)

  • Diverse ad formats including Catalog, Carousel, and Reel ads

  • Targeted both broad audiences and specific segments (e.g., Fashion Designers)

The Numbers (Mar 1, 2024 - Jun 15, 2024):

  • Total ad spend: ₹114,700.41

  • 153 website purchases generated

  • Overall ROAS (Return on Ad Spend): 4.18

  • Total conversion value: ₹479,350.00

  • Average cost per purchase: ₹749.68

Boosting Student Enrollments Through Google Ads

The Business: A leading online education platform in India offering courses, training programs, and learning resources for students across various subjects and levels.

The Goal: Increase student enrollments and user registrations on the platform through targeted digital marketing efforts.

The Google Ads Strategy:

Search and display campaigns highlighting the platform’s course offerings

Location-based targeting in major educational hubs across India

Optimized landing pages and registration flows for a seamless experience

Continuous campaign monitoring and optimization based on performance data

The Results (16 Dec 2023 - 18 Feb 2024):

Total Ad Spend: ₹1.5M

New Student Registrations: 2,120

Cost per Registration: ₹715.36

Conversion Rate: 3.56%

Through this strategic Google Ads campaign, the online education platform successfully attracted over 2,100 new student registrations at an efficient cost of just ₹715 per registration. 

Despite variations in demand, the consistent 3.56% conversion rate demonstrates the campaigns’ effectiveness in reaching and converting the targeted student audience across India.

Scaling a Kids Brand with Consistent 3.2 ROAS

An e-commerce brand specialising in kids’ and family products, launched a series of Facebook ad campaigns to boost sales in specific product categories and engage parents during key seasonal events.

The Campaign:

  • Multiple ad sets targeting parents and families

  • Focus on specific product lines: Kids Towels, Water Tables, Reward Charts

  • Diverse ad formats: Carousel, Reel, and conversion-optimized ads

The Numbers (Mar 1, 2024 - Jun 15, 2024):

  • Total ad spend: ₹152,336.80

  • 248 website purchases generated

  • Overall ROAS (Return on Ad Spend): 3.27

  • Total conversion value: ₹498,397.49

  • Average cost per purchase: ₹614.26

Generating Cost-Effective IT Sales Leads Through Google Ads

The Business: A leading IT solutions provider in India, offering a range of enterprise software, cybersecurity, cloud computing, and consulting services to businesses across industries.

The Goal: Drive a consistent flow of high-quality sales leads and opportunities at an optimal cost-per-conversion.

The Google Ads Strategy: Performance Max Campaigns

Fully-automated campaign optimized with machine learning

Ads dynamically served across Google’s properties based on user signals

Smart bidding to capture converting customers across channels

The Results (Nov 1, 2023 - Jan 23, 2024):

Conversion Rate: 1.51%

Clicks: 11K

Conversions: 465.32 (sales leads/opportunities)

Cost per Conversion: ₹675.25

Through Google’s Performance Max solution, the IT firm successfully generated over 465 qualified sales leads and opportunities at an efficient ₹675 cost per conversion. Despite fluctuations, the 1.51% conversion rate highlights the campaign’s effectiveness in delivering relevant ads to audiences with a genuine interest in IT services.

By leveraging machine learning and automation, the Performance Max campaign optimized itself to capture converting prospects across Google’s vast advertising ecosystem. 

Facebook Ads Drive 1,396 Purchases for New Skincare Line

TOF, an e-commerce fashion brand specializing in women’s apparel, launched a focused Facebook ad campaign to promote their new line of flare leggings.

The Campaign:

  • Multiple ad sets targeting women interested in skincare and beauty products

  • Consistent focus on the 3 best performing product lines 

  • Utilized Facebook’s Catalog ad format for showcasing product variations

The Numbers:

  • Total ad spend: ₹526,138.52

  • 1,396 website purchases generated

  • Overall ROAS (Return on Ad Spend): 3.29

  • Total conversion value: ₹1,731,275.27

  • Average cost per purchase: ₹376.89

Generating IT Leads For Enterprise Clients with Google Ads

The Objective: Generate a steady stream of high-quality B2B sales leads and opportunities from businesses actively seeking IT solutions.

The Google Ads Approach:

Search and display campaigns targeting relevant B2B keywords and audiences

Compelling ad messaging highlighting the firm’s IT expertise and solutions

Optimized landing pages and lead capture flows for a seamless experience

The Results (Jan 2024 - Apr 2024):

Clicks: 4.38K (from interested businesses)

Conversions: 286.99 (qualified sales leads/opportunities)

Total Cost: ₹542K

Cost per Conversion: ₹1.4K

Through this strategic Google Ads campaign, the IT solutions provider successfully generated nearly 287 qualified B2B sales leads and opportunities at a competitive ₹1,400 cost per conversion. Despite fluctuations, the consistent lead volume demonstrates the effectiveness of the targeting and messaging in resonating with businesses actively seeking IT services.

Protein brand: 3.82x ROAS on Facebook Ad Campaign

A health and fitness e-commerce brand, launched a comprehensive Facebook ad campaign to promote their new product lines for both men and women, focusing on fitness apparel and accessories.

The Campaign:

  • Multiple ad sets targeting both men and women interested in fitness.

  • Focus on different health goals with the help of creatives.

  • Separate campaigns for men’s and women’s product lines

The Numbers:

  • Total ad spend: ₹128,297.64

  • 349 website purchases generated

  • Overall ROAS (Return on Ad Spend): 3.82

  • Total conversion value: ₹490,615.40

  • Average cost per purchase: ₹367.62

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  3.  We focus on organic as much as we focus on hyper growth via ads. We understand that building an organic presence is more important than ever because ad costs are rising every year.

Building your own growth marketing team takes time you don’t have.

Other agencies focus on vanity metrics that don’t grow revenue. Instead:

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  • Our team seamlessly integrates with yours to make sure your lead pipelines is alive and growing.

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Aditya, Founder of Fitfeast (E-commerce Client)

The team at Aim n Launch has been instrumental in driving our e-commerce growth. Their unique approach to creating content, ads, and landing pages has helped us stand out in a crowded market. We’ve seen a significant increase in sales and couldn’t be happier with the results.

Abhishek Gupta, Director of Akhand Jyoti Eye Hospital (SEO Client)

We partnered with Aim n Launch to improve our organic search presence, and the results have been phenomenal. Their deep understanding of our industry and target audience has helped us rank higher for key terms and drive more qualified traffic to our website. We appreciate their focus on building a strong organic foundation for long-term success.


Carl McCargo, Owner of Trackbarn (E-commerce Sale)

Aim n Launch has been a game-changer for our e-commerce business. Their team took the time to understand our unique challenges and crafted a customized strategy that has delivered incredible results. We’ve seen a substantial increase in sales and couldn’t be more thrilled with our decision to work with them.


Ali Qureshi, Marketing Manager at Car Trackers (Google Ads Lead Generation)

We needed help generating more qualified leads through Google Ads, and Aim n Launch delivered. Their team created highly targeted campaigns that have consistently brought in high-quality leads for our business. We appreciate their transparency, attention to detail, and commitment to our success.

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